Friday, September 3, 2010

Cleric Divine Intervention Table, incomplete as of yet

So, I know I'm no Zak S, but my Clerical Divine Intervention table is as of yet incomplete. I'm still looking for a minor and severe negative effect for the bottom end of the table. If anyone would be willing to help out, I'd be much obliged to them.

Divine Intervention
Usable at any time. Subtract 1 from the result for every time you have rolled on this table today.

1. Smote instantly. You dead
2. Your god grows tired of your pleas. You are struck dumb by their might, affected as per a Feeblemind spell. You cannot cast any spells or turn undead until this effect is dispelled.
4. God revokes powers for 1d6 days
5. Rebuked! Cleric is affected by one of the following:
1 Cause Light Wounds
2 Darkness
3 Fear
4 Blight
5 Hold Person
6 Continual Darkness
7 Disease
8 Curse
7. The voice of your god fills your head. Lose the rest of your turn.
8-12. God refuses to answer your prayers
13-14. Fortune favors you. As the effects of the 'Bless' spell
15-16. Regain one use of any prayer you know
17. Casts a random spell of your highest spell level
18. Casts a random spell of level 1d6.
19. You are imbued with the righteous fury of your god! Your Strength and Constitution magically raise to 18, any weapon attacks you make now count as magic weapons and you gain a bonus to hit, damage and AC equal to your highest spell level.
20. Your god manifests their awesome might against your enemies. Acts as a 'Symbol' spell with differing effects depending on the domains of your god.

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  1. This is the first time I came across your blog. Jolly good find.

    How about you move your #5 "being affected the adverse spell" up to #6, and now #5 is that PLUS all holy water and holy symbols held by the entire party are ineffective for (say) 1d3 days.

    And maybe #3 is the same as #4 but also incurs a party-wide downside (e.g., the entire party is affected by a Curse for x days). The point is not to just punish everybody, but to make the decision to appeal to the deity more weighty for the group as a whole. Probably you only want to attempt this in an emergency and as a last resort, which looks like the framework you've already got.

    I guess it's basically like the point in Ghostbusters where they realize the only option is to Cross the Streams, even though in Act 2 they established one should never do that. The three of them sit there, talk it out, and decide to do it, because they're screwed if they do nothing.