Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A non-gaming related endorsement

Some friends of mine are attempting to break our college radio station's record for longest continuous broadcast. They've been at it for about 9 hours at this point and will continue on in the studios of WOBC until tomorrow afternoon at 5pm EST. Mike and I worked together on the same detective radio play in college and he's been in just about every RPG session I've run over the past three years. They've been doing a great job of finding good nerdy topics to discuss so that they don't get bored over the next 20 hours or so, so if you'd like to hear some sweet music and discussions about the Star Wars Extended Universe or summer blockbusters, tune in at WOBC's webcast and click Listen.

Now I'm off to play some Tunnels & Trolls.


  1. Why exactly aren't they having a marathon T&T session? That would probably be a second record.

  2. Best of luck to your friends!!!

  3. I had a couple of friends leave the staff of Oberlin last year. Tuning in now! I will make a song request and dedicate it to you.


    Ok, I just called and they put me on the air and said they'd try to play my request. Ha! Hilarious.

  4. @Saxon, that honestly might happen later. I'll have the transcript from the T&T session in their hands for potential dramatic reading.

    @Christian, thanks a bunch! They'll be going for quite a while.

    @Bulette, that was phenomenal.