Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Putting my money where my mind is

I feel like a lot of my creative career, including For A Fistful of Coppers, has been chock full of good ideas and unfortunately lacking in final products.

This ends now.

On my computer, there is a folder called Campaign Planning where I keep all of my prep work and general RPG noodling alongside my rules PDFs and token art. Most of my work on settings like Assholes in Space, Heist D&D, my Savage Worlds Feng Shui conversion and other campaigns that I've outlined on this blog are there, but the vast majority of that campaign info is in my head, bouncing around and getting lost behind other works and worries. As a result, I never really feel like I've created a complete RPG product, in the sense that a lot of other game bloggers release games, supplements and settings either for free or cheap. Stuff like Christian's Loviator zine, Stuart Robertson's Weird West RPG, the myriad contributors to Fight On! and Knockspell and the tons and tons of cool little PDFs of house rules and adventure scenarios are unbelievably inspiring to me.

I want to try and put together quasi-professional product, both to inspire other gamers and readers of this blog and to prove to myself that I can follow through and expand my ideas into compelling gaming. Furthermore, I'd like to spend a little time with Publisher and learn how to lay out some supplement pages of my own (what do other people use to put their PDFs together? Inquiring minds want to know!)

In the future, expect information and potential products, including:
  • A 60s Spy Setting Book and Plot Point campaign for Savage Worlds!
  • My expanded Savage Worlds Feng Shui conversion!
  • Technoir transmissions, including a Gibsonian Bridge location and the lawless highways of a cyberpunk future! I'll get into Technoir and why I think it's so groovy in a future post.
  • My Dungeons and Dragons campaign building project, useful for any edition of the game! I've just finished the prep work for this thing, which will make it pretty darn useful, even for folks who have no interest in the campaign that I'm working on.
  • More Assholes in Space!


  1. Yo Jamie! Funny that you bring up Technoir today! I was on the Technoir website today, checking it out! I downloaded all of the free intro stuff and am eager to read up on the ins and outs of the system. I've been feeling the cyberpunk bug again lately, so I've picked up my trusty Gibson novels again, as I usually do every couple years or so. Did you guy the rule book for the system? I really want to get my hands on it. I was talking with Bill tonight about cyberpunk and Savage Worlds, but Technoir might be the way to go...I'm definitely interested in talking to you more about it soon!

  2. And by "did you guy" I meant "did you buy," of course... *sheepish grin*