Saturday, April 7, 2012

Challenge Accepted (And A Quick Recap)

So, in passing...

1) Got a super solid full-time Reference Librarian position in South Jersey, which has understandably been devouring the majority of my time. Because of my new hours, I unfortunately had to leave fellow Jersey resident Drance's Castles & Crusades game, which will be much missed. Maybe Milo will swing his grappling hook in the name of truth, justice and reasonable reward once more.

2) Currently set up to run a Google+ or Skype D&D game with a bunch of my distant and disparate friends from college and pre-professional life. The whole 'Heist D&D' idea that I've had ever since I started reading up on Classic D&D and its variations just popped into my brain one night after work and a couple of friends expressed interest. Expect to see a lot of prep here in the future.

3) Jason Kielbasa's Wrestleworld is awesome and I'm going to play it.

4) I am really, really bad at coming up with fantasy names.

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