Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Introduction Of Sorts

Welcome to For A Fistful Of Coppers, my old school gaming and development blog. This is simultaneously my first foray into pre-2e Dungeons and Dragons and blogging in general. Some of this stuff may be incoherent, some of it may be distasteful, but I'd like to think that I've got a few ideas that will spark people's interest, including:
  • My first steps into the world of retro-clones, sandbox gaming and other hallmarks of the Old School movement.
  • New monsters, dungeons, classes, races and whatever else I end up working on to that end.
  • The developmental stages of a Swords and Wizardry-based Western game tentatively titled 'Bullets and Tequila.'
  • Hopefully, some variety of campaign journal if I can ever get a goddamned game together.
  • Other musings on games, movies, music and other miscellany that catches my fancy.
The ideas that I have gotten from other blogs on the subject have been instrumental in this new-found appreciation for the old school and "New Old School" games. I hope that my ideas can possibly do the same.

P.S. The totally badass Spaghetti Western-style font that I used on the blog title is called Heffer. It's totally free, so grab it at your convenience.

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