Monday, January 10, 2011

Library D&D Campaign: Survey Says...

But seriously, folks...

As I mentioned before, I'm attempting to kick start the library Dungeons & Dragons program again for the Spring semester, with a more focused effort towards online and school outreach. So far, I have 3 potential teens interested in the program and hopefully more to come. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from any of them in the month following Christmas Break, which was when I sent out my email reminder.

I've decided to devise a preliminary survey to send out to interested kids to not only gauge their interest in the Dungeons & Dragons program, but also to get a sense of their experiences with the fantasy genre and roleplaying. Here are my questions so far:

(1) Name, Age, School, etc...

(2) What are 5 of your favorite fantasy sources? Remember, this can be anything from books and comics to television and video games. Anything goes!

(3) Have you had any experience with roleplaying games before? Have you played console or computer RPGs? Online message board games?

(4) What kind of character are you interested in playing? Are they courageous? Cunning? Steadfast and loyal? How will they interact with the rest of the group?

Remember: I'm not interested in running a campaign with evil characters. Everyone should be more or less willing to do the right thing when it's necessary. That said, not everyone has to be a paragon of virtue. Mercenaries, scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells of all types are encouraged.

(5) Is there anything that you absolutely want to do in this Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Recover lost artifacts from dangerous subterranean temples? Repel a goblin invasion? Become king (or queen!) of an emerging nation? Let me know!

That's what I have so far. Anyone else have any good ideas for questions that I should ask?

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  1. I usually ask about preferences for the main wilderness environments (i.e. desert, mountains, coast, etc).