Friday, January 28, 2011

Man, I really want to run some D&D

Like my blogging buddy Barking Alien, I have an awful case of Gamer ADD. When I think I'm set on running a super-cool Feng Shui campaign for my friends, my mind naturally starts to wander. I've been thinking about Uresia, about the aborted 4E campaign that I was going to run at the library, the fantasy novels that I've been reading for my Young Adult class, not to mention all the cool things that I've been reading on people's blogs. The sum total being that they've all got me wanting to run Dungeons and Dragons again.

Fortunately, I've put out the word to my Facebook friends and at least one person has bit. Marcos wants to play D&D SO BAD that I think Harrison may just have to deal. :)


  1. Haha good luck with your search. I had D&D withdrawals for many years before actually getting to play again.

  2. I often wrestle with this -- the longing to play some other unusual system vs. the fact that D&D is a classic for a reason! Good luck getting your group together.

  3. I'm hoping to game again in the spring. The dice must be rocked!!

  4. @Carter, the funny thing is that I've always been more interested in unusual systems. My favorite games are probably Unknown Armies, Inspectres and Savage Worlds, but there's been something about a simple, fun D&D game that's been calling to me.

    I'll probably end up running both B/X and my Savage Worlds Feng Shui game, depending on potential audience.