Thursday, August 5, 2010

Library D&D Update!

Just finished our last Teen program today at the library and I have 5 kids potentially interested in the Dungeons and Dragons game for next semester! Looks like it's probably going to be run Wednesday afternoons. I am super pumped for this whole thing!

The question is now: how do I start? I've been thinking about what kind of adventure will represent (?) what a typical session of D&D is. My idea is that the PCs are a group of treasure hunters and adventurers who are currently employed by Morgrave University,the artifact-focused magical university of dubious quality in the Eberron campaign. With a framework like that, I can get them involved in everything from wilderness survival to political intrigue, all connected back to looted antiquities or the discovery of long-buried magic and mystery.

Regardless, I can't wait!


  1. 1) Kids + D&D = super awesome! Kudos to you!

    2) I dunno about the set-up your propose. If I was a young student the last thing I would want to play is somebody who might have to take orders from teachers.

  2. That's... that's a fully fledged bastard of a good point.

    I guess I'm still looking for a premise that starts the characters out with some concrete goal or motivation, but also the ability to make their own choices.