Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My return to civilization, scenery included

Back to sweet home Pittsburgh after a week in the Adirondacks on vacation with my family, armed with a handful of Discworld books, a bunch of New York Times crosswords and the 1st and 4th edition Dungeon Master's Guides and Monster Manuals.

It'd been about 6 years since I last read any Terry Pratchett, but the City Watch books that I brought sparked a series of wonderful ideas in my head about a potential B/X-type D&D campaign, which percolated alongside Jeff Rients' Cinder campaign and the fantastic Sharn: City of Towers for Eberron and fired out something kind of remarkable. I have no idea what it's going to be called, but I really like where it's going. Tidbits include:
  • Playable goblin, ogre and potentially doppleganger races.
  • Losing halflings, gnomes (maybe) and orcs
  • My first entries in a Rientsian Deck of Stuff, including a Dwarven Battle Stein.
  • Shrapnel, where the guilds think they rule the city, the rich think they own the guilds and everybody else knows better.
  • The City of the Cathedral, a walled city built around a massive cyclopean cathedral whose ancient origins remain unknown, even to its many occupants.
  • A Catalog of Clockwork Creations, showcasing everything from alchemically-powered goblin robots to dwarven tomb guardians with intricately carved metal beards.
Once again, more to come...

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  1. Vacation and D&D...perfect together! That's a great image (and a great beer!). You need nothing else...