Sunday, November 14, 2010


Holy shit, next time I don't have anything to do with my friends, I'm just going to whip this game out, put on the Showdown in Little Tokyo soundtrack and play ALL OUTTA BUBBLEGUM!
All Outta Bubblegum

This game is copyright 2001, Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant. If you want to repost it or whatever, drop me an email.

Characters in All Outta Bubblegum have one stat -- Bubblegum. It's technically a number which varies from 0 through 8, though the designers highly, highly recommend that you don't do anything so banal as write down a number, and, instead, pass out actual sticks of bubblegum to the players. This will also help when you play All Outta Bubblegum drunk, which is, let's be blunt, probably the only time you'd even consider playing this game.

Bubblegum always starts out at 8.


Any action which does not fall under the broad category of "kicking ass" is resolved by rolling a d10. If the number rolled is equal to or less than the amount of bubblegum the character has left, then the character succeeds in his task.

Any action which falls under the broad umbrella of "kicking ass" is also resolved by rolling a d10. However, in this case, you wish to roll greater than the amount of bubblegum that you have left.

Losing Bubblegum

Whenever you fail a non-combat roll, you lose a stick of Bubblegum. You may also sacrifice a stick of Bubblegum before the roll to ensure success.

Bubblegum also rates your damage. If someone else succeeds in a roll of asskicking against you, you lose one stick of bubblegum.

Zero Bubblegum

When you lose your last stick of bubblegum, you are officially all outta bubblegum. You may no longer attempt any kind of non-asskicking activity. Simple devices like, say, the handles of doors confound you (eerily enough, you have no problem field-stripping a .50 caliber machinegun to clear a jam in 15 seconds flat). However, you automatically succeed in any asskicking-related activity. You are a nearly unstoppable ball of bubblegum-less fury. When someone else succeeds in an asskicking roll against you, they roll a d10. If they roll a 10, you are knocked out. If they roll a 1 through 9, they've only succeeded in making you, if possible, even more angry.

However, bear in mind that it's relatively easy to trap a zero-bubblegum person in a situation he's totally incapable of dealing with.

There ya go. Think up your own damn adventures and campaign settings.
Seriously, it's genius. Like Trollbabe for 80s action movies.


  1. That is brilliant. I'm gonna have to give it a try one of these days.

  2. I came to your blog to see what All OUTTA BUBBLEGUM was all about (because I'm a huge THEY LIVE fan and your previous Sabata reference was full of unexpected goodness). Instead, I fund a little rpg that I would gladly try with my Nat 20 group! Thanks a bunch.

  3. I just love the fact that it comes right out and says, "You're probably going to be playing this drunk, so let's just represent your bubblegum with actual bubblegum."

    I would probably use something like Risus goon squads to represent the hordes of faceless gang members or soldiers that 80s action movie heroes go through like clockwork. And I'd probably allow an instant success if a suitable one-liner was provided.

    Also, thanks for the kudos on the Sabata post. It was a lot of fun to put together.


  5. And I'd probably allow an instant success if a suitable one-liner was provided.
    Good idea, I might also add:

    Players get an extra stick of bubblegum for showing up with wearing sunglasses and/or snakeskin boots.

  6. Or if they cut their pizza with scissors...