Friday, November 12, 2010

Mutant Future: How 'bout some zipguns!

While scouring the internet for pictoral inspiration for post-apocalyptic weaponry, I came across a blog posting from EnglishRussia detailing a whole load of self-made weapons confiscated from Chechnyan rebels.

I can easily see any of these being built by a post-apocalyptic gunsmith, alongside compound bows and compressed air-powered spearguns.


  1. I like the first two particularly.

  2. Me too. I like how they really do look like they were built out of spare parts and scrap, which is pretty much the aesthetic I want for widely available guns in my potential game.

  3. Awesome. There has to be a good chance that one of these hobjob handguns explodes in a PCs hands every time he fires it, right?