Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I is for Inspiration

Within the past few days, I've been grooving on a whole truckload full of great western influences that have really put me in the Bullets and Tequila mood. Here are some of them.

(The amazing bar shootout from Robert Rodriguez's Desperado. The archetypical Bullets and Tequila gunfight)

(One of my favorite Spaghetti Western trailers. Note: I have never seen this movie and have no idea where I would get a hold of a copy.)

(Rockstar Games' amazing Red Dead Revolver, half gritty Western revenge, half Capcom shoot-em-up. The soundtrack is all lesser known Spaghetti Western music and is really responsible for my depth of knowledge in the genre.)

(The Professionals, a movie whose structure is basically an RPG scenario and a damned good one at that. A great cast of Wild West shadowrunners (Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster AND Jack Palance!) getting screwed over by Mr. Johnson and switching sides. Plus that badass Lewis gun scene on the train.)

(And here's a clip of a Jim Garner/Clint Eastwood fist fight from an old episode of Maverick. Bret Maverick takes no guff from no one)

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