Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Assholes in Space

As I hope most of my followers remember, I started the month of March off with an idea for a Savage Worlds sci-fi setting called Assholes in Space, my kitchen-sink melange of space western anime, Bioware space opera, cyberpunk attitude and good old fashioned old-school adventuring spirit (which is to say, profit-motivated jackasses who will nevertheless do the right thing when the chips are down. Probably.) Needless to say, I was unfortunately overwhelmed by graduate school work and had relatively little time to put pen to paper and write up world concepts and a cast of characters. Not to mention that my flash drive, which up until recently was my depository for my school work and all things Assholes in Space-related, had a tragic mishap involving an elbow and outstretched arms late at night last week. As a result, my previous files will be inaccessible without the aid of a flash drive recovery company and probably $150.

But honestly, the equipment lists and racial descriptions only go so far in describing what Assholes in Space is really like for me. I'm often afflicted with what's commonly known as 'Gamer ADD,' which means that I am incredibly susceptible to outside influences on my gaming ideas. Assholes in Space is enough of a sci-fi sandbox that it can accommodate just about anything that I want to add. Trigun-esque space western adventures can be found on convict planets or frontier asteroids where the strongest rule with a literal iron fist. Ocean's 11-style heists and capers are commonplace on urban core worlds with mile-high skyscrapers and walkways. There can be giant robots alongside psychics, alien martial arts that take full advantage of having four arms and good old fashioned revolver-slinging exploits.

So this month, I'd like to get a lot more of the crunch and ideas for the setting out there, either in blog post or gazetteer format. I want people to see the cinematic combat rules that I've cooked up for Savage Worlds, the different sci-fi races that I'm having trouble naming and the adventure ideas and locations that potential PCs can tear up.


  1. I'm looking forward to this, and not just because I'll likely be able to gank a lot of it for the Star Frontiers campaign I'm planning for the summer. :-)

  2. Okay, this topic is too awesome to miss out on!

    "Keep firing, assholes!"

  3. Sounds like the bastard child of Firefly and Encounter Critical. I love it.