Monday, July 5, 2010

Some thoughts I had while riding the Greyhound from New Jersey

- The aforementioned 'blind minotaur' is Karthos, exiled prince of the Minotaur Hills, driven into madness by secret application of the hallucinogenic red lotus by a sorcerous rival and led to the cave by invisible voices. He has not left the caves in almost five years and in that time has grown more and more addicted to the lotus, losing his ability to navigate the illusory maze of the cave. His only companions are three goats and a single black raven, whom he converses with as if they were equals. In truth, all three are transformed imps in the service of his rival, who speak to him in order to further his madness. If confronted by the PCs, Karthos will engage with them bemusedly, having not seen anyone outside of his own hallucinations for some time. If there is any chance that the PCs could convince Karthos to leave the cave, the imps will revert into their natural form and attack. This causes Karthos to fly into a rage and attack anything within range, preferring the imps to PCs.

- The Red Lotus Caves are not only disorienting and hostile, but many sections of the walls are not as they appear to be. Many sections, including the entrance and exit of the caves, have been disguised with illusory cave walls designed to prevent Karthos from ever accidentally leaving the cave.

-This room contains several green luminescent pools, each containing a kelpie that will attempt to entice anyone who gazes too deeply into the depths.

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