Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Motherlode: A Quick Sketch

In working on the town of Motherlode, I decided to just make a quick sketch of important places that could be expanded upon or added to as I continued developing the idea. Unfortunately, I never got to really flesh out a lot of these ideas, as my friends never really visited most of the locations in town. I'm going to spend some time on the blog expanding these ideas and trying to populate Motherlode a little more.

Taverns and Other Places of Ill Repute
- The Empty Casket
- The Dragon's Hoard
- Fat Tom's
- The Rusty Pickaxe
- Mulligan's
- The Irish Deer
- The Wanton Wench
- The Ravished Ruby

Other Places of Interest
- Looter's Row, where tomb robbers and snake oil salesmen sell uncovered artifacts and forgeries alike. Some people don't know what they really have.
- Pleasant and Co. Explorer's General Store, sells rope, lanterns, iron rations, et al. Everything you need to get lost in a tomb complex.
- The Church of Antra, goddess of underdogs. Fortune favors the bold, and Sister Bradabax takes it to heart. Bit of a drinking/arm wrestling problem.
- Marshal's Office, the only iron-framed building in town, meant to hold even ogres and other giant troublemakers. The Marshal has orders all the way from the City of the Cathedral to keep the peace and does.
- Cathedral Claims Office, where master appraisers let adventurers know just how much that statue is worth before they sell it for booze money.

Hopefully, I'll be able to expand on these ideas in the next few weeks while I'm not working on schoolwork.

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