Sunday, February 27, 2011

A plan for March

So, I'm relatively certain that most of my readership has kind of dwindled off since I've stopped posting regularly. Though a fair chunk of my time has been held up by classes, assignments and work, I know that I've definitely been wasting a lot of my time on internet forums and video games that could be better spent updating this blog and working on my gaming stuff. For March, I propose a little experiment.

I am going to take an hour of every day in March to work on blog stuff and get a post up. Some stuff may be detailed, some stuff may be sketchy. Maybe it'll just be a random description of a magic item or an orbital satellite, but at least it'll be consistent.

So here's to more Motherlode, here's to Uresia B/X and here's to my new Savage Worlds asskicking sci-fi project tentatively titled Assholes in Space (which I'll probably have to retitle at some point since my real name is on this blog). HERE'S TO ACTUALLY UPDATING THIS THING.