Monday, June 6, 2011

A quick update

So, there sure hasn't been a lot of updating over here.

Last week, I headed up to Oberlin College, my alma mater, to attend the commencement of the Class of 2011. Not only was my girlfriend walking, but also many of my close friends and compatriots in the Dead Hear Footsteps, the radio detective show that I used to direct. Great fun was had by all, credit card bills were run up at restaurants and my old band, the Bucketkickers, reunited for probably our last show ever (after having 8 previous Last Shows Ever in other years).

Unfortunately, I was laid low on the way home by a particularly vicious virus that rose my temperature to 101 and basically prevented me from talking, using the computer or doing homework. Potential sources for this mini-plague are still inconclusive: heat-related, drinking out of an old water bottle, playing the show in a mildewy garage full of appliances (punk rock!) Regardless of the source, it knocked me on my ass up until now.

So with a satchel full of schoolwork that needs to be made up, of course that's when gaming has been on my mind almost continuously. Since Mike's back in town, I've wanted to get the gang back together and play some Bullets and Tequila, Gamma World, Assholes in Space or just about anything that I can think of at the moment. But unfortunately, all of that prep time is really taking away from the necessary schoolwork that needs to be done. I'll most likely be going dark at Fistful of Coppers for the foreseeable future while I get back on track at school and my internship.

But after that... games with low prep-time and maximum fun!