Monday, June 11, 2012

Please Advise: The Effects of High Temperatures on TSR Products

A question that I think only the assorted RPG blogosphere could answer:

I'm having my current apartment heat treated for bedbugs at the end of the week. This entails heating everything in the room to a temperature of over 150 degrees F. I happen to have a fair amount of board games, RPG boxed sets and polybagged comics and modules about this apartment.

Does anyone have any experience with the effects of high temperatures on these sorts of items? I can seal them up in plastic bins and drop pesticide strips in them, but they'll have to be in there for a minimum of 3 weeks.


  1. No experience, but I'd run a test (in oven?) on poly bags. And seeing if the pesticide strips leave an odor

    Depending on above I'd put everything non replaceable in the bins, *flat*.

  2. Presume anything with glue will be affected. Paper and staples should be fine.

  3. According to the Manual of Housekeeping, which is a pretty standard reference among museum conservation types, the danger to paper is not so much the heat as the changes in humidity that heat causes.

    Rapid heating can cause paper to release a lot of moisture, which can make it become brittle. It's hard to say just how damaging it would be in this case as paper varies widely in its makeup. I would probably be most worried about game boxes or things made from multiple layers of paper as any glues that bind the layers together might also release moisture causing them to warp or delaminate (fray)

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