Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Returning

I basically stopped writing this thing because I hadn't played or GMed a roleplaying game in years.  All of the prep, house rules and roleplaying ephemera was being created with no eventual end goal and it was really getting me down.  In the two (!) years since I last posted, my whole life has gone through a lot of changes and my free-time priorities shifted from solitary bookkeeping to basement shows and tattoo parlors.  I shaved my head and grew a beard, I spent my spare cash on records and a drum kit, and I made some real local friends in the Philadelphia area.

Friends who thought it would be cool to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons someday.

And when I started to prep for our game, I started revisiting these blogs.  I don't think I'll have to draw a single map thanks to Dyson Logos, I know my friends will all get a kick out of Jeff Rients's Carousing Rules and I met a lot of rad folks through the whole RPG blogosphere, who all seem to still be doing great stuff.

I can't say that anything I'm gonna be doing is groundbreaking.  I'm taking a real back-to-basics approach to this game, since I am now an adult with real life responsibilities and at least one concert to go to every week.  But I am gonna have a hell of a lot of fun on a very limited budget.


  1. Hey, welcome back! Looking forward to seeing how your new campaign develops.

  2. Given the information in your last post, I'd figured the bedbugs had won.

  3. This hobby is like a great childhood friend that you cannot see for years but when you do it is like you saw each other yesterday. Welcome back.

    As for me, blogging in a substitute for gaming while I slog at the degree. Sad, but there it is.

  4. Good to hear from you! If you've seen my blog of late, I'm still posting but I haven't been making it to All Things Fun. I've somehow gotten it into my head to make a career change, and I'm devoting all my spare time to said endeavor. A man has to have his dreams. Mine seems to include some sort of entrepreneurial aspirations. What I want to be an entrepreneur of...well, let's say that's still coming together! I've got ideas, lots of them...now I just need that pesky thing called focus. Ah well, enough about me. I wish you well on your return to the table-top, and I hope we can game together again someday!